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Unfortunately, accidents can happen. The last thing you need is the headache of getting your car repaired. That’s why your Approved Repairers are here to help.


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Alto Group Bodyshops

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Care and repair on any model.
The Alto Group has invested millions of dollars in state-of-the-art technology and training so your vehicle will receive the finest care. From the very latest models to classic cars, Alto Bodyshop’s factory-trained specialist technicians ensure that all repairs are performed to superior manufacturer standards.


Repair & Service

Alto Integrated

The Alto Group’s strategy is to have its Service and Bodyshops work closely together throughout the repair process. The reason? The vehicle of today often requires expert mechanical attention at the same time that accident repairs are carried out. This arrangement enables the Alto Group’s fully-trained technicians to comprehensively attend to both areas of repair meaning you will be back in your car sooner, pursuing your lifestyle choices.

New technology means faster solutions

Some of today’s vehicles feature strong but lightweight aluminium subframes that require a specially designed sealed environment in the event of repair because the slightest cross contamination with steel can result in the breakdown of aluminium. At our facilities we have purpose built positive pressure “Aluminium Repair Rooms” to ensure that all repairs are carried out to manufacturers standards.

Always ready to serve

You can expect nothing less than a total commitment to get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible at Alto’s Bodyshops. This commitment is underwritten by our on-going investment in the latest technology and the highest service standards from Alto Group technicians.

Taking care of insurance details

As an Alto Group customer, you deserve the best. Whatever your situation, the Alto Group service team will help you through the process, from completing the claim form to arranging a replacement vehicle and scheduling the collection of your vehicle. Alto Body Shops can also assist you with comprehensive motor vehicle insurance which offers special policy benefits and a level of service in keeping with the highest standards.

First to help if there is an accident

By law, under certain circumstances, you may have to call the police to the scene. Some handy accident hints:

  • Stop immediately
  • Ensure nobody is hurt
  • If possible, move your vehicle to side of the road to prevent another accident
  • No one involved should discuss or admit any fault
  • Record all accident details (date, time, location, other driver details, witnesses)

Call Alto Group Emergency Line on 13 ALTO (1300 55 2586), and your vehicle will be taken in for first class care and repair.

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